On June 19, the Turkish Embassy in Sarajevo is organising a joint event at the Turkish Cultural Center in cooperation with the NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo. The aim of the event is to present the positive developments and future challenges of the NATO-PERSPEKTIVA Programme. High-level officials from the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, diplomatic missions, and NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo will attend the event.

The goal of the NATO-PERSPEKTIVA Programme is to strengthen the process and positive impact of defence reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the provision of support for social reintegration into civilian life of approximately 3,000 members of the Armed Forces who, due to the legislative limitation, were discharged between 2010 and 2012. The NATO-PERSPEKTIVA Programme also aims at strengthening the capacities of the Ministry of Defence to manage future similar activities related to the regular in and out-flow of staffs of a professional army.