As part of the project “Building the Capacities of Law Enforcement Officials of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia in Performing Joint Border Patrols” funded by the UK Government, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) will organise the final ceremony on the Croatian side of the Bijača/Nova Sela border crossing on Tuesday 30 July 2013. Training organised as part of this project served to raise law enforcement officials’ awareness of new laws and migration patterns and enables participants to perform joint patrols in accordance with the Protocol on Joint Patrols, which ensures the long-term sustainability of the intervention. As a result, the project has directly contributed to the improvement of long-term management of illegal migration flows, smuggling, and trafficking at an external border of the EU. The successful completion of the project has served to mitigate the risk of illegal migrations and cross-border transgressions at the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, which will contribute to a higher level of security in the Western Balkans and EU member states.