Trafficking in human beings is recognized as one of the most pressing challenges related to irregular migration, violation of human rights and trans-border organized crime. Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is a country of origin, transit, and destination for victims of trafficking (VoT). In most cases, the victims are identified as BiH citizens, many of them children. They are trafficked from throughout the country for forced labor or sexual exploitation, and an increasing number of children are being trafficked for forced begging or child marriage. Moreover, an increasing number of VoTs in the mixed migration flows is requiring an enhanced support to the efforts of key actors to ensure that (potential) VoTs (P/VoTs) are identified and provided with the protection and assistance they deserve, not only by international standards and basic human rights, but as an imperative of humanity.
IOM BiH has undertaken a multi-pronged approach in assisting the government of BiH to combat this heinous crime against human dignity through investigating and prosecuting the perpetrators of this horrific crime against human dignity. Moreover, combating trafficking in the most vulnerable categories remains IOM's priority and focus. IOM BiH has been working with all for the benefit of the most vulnerable through capacity building, awareness raising, research, and support to the development of policy guidelines and legislation on trafficking in persons in order to improve the identification, protection of and assistance to victims of human trafficking in BiH, in line with the international standards.