Trafficking in Persons

The protection of victims of trafficking constitutes a crucial field within trafficking in which any efforts should be focused.

There is a need to support the establishment of reception facilities for victims of trafficking under the management of the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH). More attention should be paid to the reintegration of victims in order to avoid the victims being re-trafficked. These reintegration activities should focus on providing victims with skills to facilitate their socioeconomic reintegration.

Further joint training sessions for law enforcement officials, prosecutors, judges, and the social sector should be promoted, taking into account the changing situation and changing modalities in trafficking in BH and the wider region. Joint training activities have the added advantage that every stakeholder is trained in a uniform manner, starting from an identical frame of reference, whilst providing the opportunity for all stakeholders to get to know each other personally, serving to enhance trust between partners and raise their awareness of the various roles and responsibilities of each body.