TRC Ušivak: Love without borders

The simple scene of a couple sitting in each other's arms on a bench quietly watching their daughter play, powerfully portrayed the resilience of people on the move. As observers, we couldn't resist capturing this touching moment with a photo. Upon sharing the photograph with them, the couple's eyes sparkled with reminiscence and gratitude, prompting them to share their remarkable journey.

"We've been married for five years," said Selim*, his voice carrying a mix of pride and nostalgia. "We met and married in Türkiye. That chance encounter gave us hope for a new beginning."

Their joy expanded with the arrival of their daughter, a testament to their enduring commitment despite the turmoil of displacement. Their journey was marked by hardship and uncertainty, stretching from Syria through Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, and finally settling in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"Serbia was our longest stop, six years. Our daughter learned the local language there."

They expressed their gratitude for the services available in the Ušivak reception center, finding solace in routine walks and new experiences to counteract their homesickness. "We support each other," they stressed, sharing a quiet understanding forged through shared trials and tribulations.

Their story reminds us that amidst displacement and uncertainty, love remains a constant companion - a force that transcends boundaries and challenges, provid-ing strength and comfort along the way.

*Name was changed to protect privacy

Author: Dženita Čorbo Agović, IOM Migrant Protection Assistant