IOM unveils the exhibition “Wearin’ it Together” at the European Parliament


Strasbourg – A world-renowned photographer, a steadily growing sustainable fashion brand, and a shared commitment to illuminate the narratives and dreams of people on the move make up the innovative fusion behind “Wearin' it Together”, showing this week at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Unveiled today, "Wearin 'it Together" marks a new endeavor by IOM Bosnia and Herzegovina's No Nation Fashion (NNF) sustainable fashion initiative, supported by the European Union. It features images by renowned photographer Franco Pagetti, taken in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, alongside garments crafted collaboratively by migrants and local designers. The exhibition sets out to challenge conventional narratives surrounding migration. 
By merging fashion with urban spaces, the exhibition offers a fresh perspective on migration, inviting viewers to reflect on preconceptions and embrace diversity. Through its innovative approach, the campaign dismantles stereotypes and celebrates the enriching impact of migration on societies.

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Initiatives like this are helping rewrite the script on migration – and deserve our applause. They help in telling real, human stories about real human beings, communicating a powerful message of universal humanity”, addressed Vice President of the European Commission, Margaritas Schinas.

First showcased in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Belgrade, Serbia, the Strasbourg exhibition aims to open a dialogue on inclusion and the transformative potential of innovation in migration governance.

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Through collaboration with the creative industry and the private sector, this illustrious exhibition confirms that it takes all of society to drive a different perspective on migration”, noted Deputy Director General for Operation Ugochi Daniels at the opening ceremony in Strasbourg today."Wearin’ it Together” underscores the potential of inclusion and skills development among migrants, emphasizing the importance of innovative approaches to migration governance.  

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I am grateful for the support and opportunity to get one step closer to my dream. No Nation Fashion means fashion has no border. Everyone can express themselves. You can let yourself be free”, said Behishta Hafizi, fashion designer and former No Nation Fashion participant from Afghanistan.

Through initiatives like NNF, supported by IOM and the European Union, the exhibition showcases how fashion and innovation can serve as catalysts for mutual growth and understanding. It advocates for a narrative where migrants are viewed as agents of change, contributing positively to their host communities.

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IOMBIH predstavio izložbu “Wearin’ it Together” u Evropskom parlamentu