Adil* enjoyes educational and recreational activities organized in the Creative zone in TRC Lipa

Adil* is from Morocco. From an early age it was evident that the world of art is his home, his safe place, his way of expressing himself. Unlike most people, Adil was lucky enough to have more than one creative art to choose from. Depending on the mood and occasion it could be photography, painting or singing.

Yet, surrounded by the love and support of his family, he decided to study law. During that time, to financially help his family, he was employed within a football club as an administrative employee. After this work experience, he stumbled upon a hotel where he started working as dishwasher. Being a hard worker and fast learner, it did not take him long to obtain a higher position as manager. Eventually, he fell in love with that job.

Still today, time spent working there is one of the fondest memories he has from his homeland. It evokes memories of happiness, achievement, and joyful times spent witnessing of marriage ceremonies.

Adil enjoyes educational and recreational activities organized in the social corner in TRC Lipa

After arriving in the temporary reception center (TRC) Lipa, Adil realized that not doing anything and having no responsibilities wasn’t good for his wellbeing. Looking for a way to spend some quality time, he started helping in the kitchen. Additionally, he started attending educational and recreational activities and the Creative zone of the reception center became a safe space where he was able to express himself, his needs and thoughts through painting and singing.

“This journey is hard and dangerous. I have seen and experienced things that I don’t want to remember. People lose their human side and stop caring even about their loved ones. Unfortunately, I have lost too much. I can only hope that one day I will continue with my career in hotel industry and create good life for myself”, said Adil.


*Name was changed to protect privacy