Assisted Voluntary Return


Assisted Voluntary Return (also named AVR) is an international migration service created by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for governments to help migrants make informed and voluntary choices about returning to their home country.

You may be eligible for IOM Assisted Voluntary Return:

  • If you do not want to apply for asylum in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • If you have applied for asylum in Bosnia and Herzegovina and are waiting for the decision;
  • If you have applied for asylum in Bosnia and Herzegovina but your asylum application is rejected; or
  • If you do not have a valid permit to stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • If you are eligible and choose to return with IOM Assisted Voluntary Return, you must first withdraw your asylum application.

IOM Assisted Voluntary Return assistance can help you in developing an individual plan for returning, which is jointly planned, safe and dignified without a cost to you. It will help you with administrative and logistical support to return and resettle in your home country.

In addition to return services, you may also be eligible to receive reintegration assistance by helping you with means to, inter alia, set-up businesses, find accommodation, or engage in vocational training.

You can speak to IOM confidentially and without any obligations, and then make your decision.

If you are interested in Assisted Voluntary Return, you should contact IOM or the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs in any of the Reception Centres.

To contact IOM AVRR field staff, please see the below contacts details:

Bira TRC, Bihac:

Borici, Bihac:

Miral, Velika

Sarajevo area (inlcluding Usivak/Hadzici): +387 61 964 575

Mostar area (including Salakovac), +387 62 958 385