Support to the Immigration and Asylum Management System in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Phase II

As regards the management of migration in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH), the previous decade has constituted a period of success. However, additional support is needed to maintain momentum within these areas and to effectively and efficiently implement the Strategy in the Area of Migrations and Asylum and Action Plan for the Period 2012 - 2015 (Strategy and Action Plan 2015 - 2015).

The overall objective of the project is to further enhance the performance of relevant national government institutions in immigration and asylum management and to increase the quality of services for different categories of migrants and applicants for international protection. The project aims to enhance the system of control of entry and stay of foreigners in BH; strengthen human and technical capacity in the field of immigration and asylum; facilitate better links between migration and development; and enhance the integration of foreigners who legally reside on the territory of BH. Throughout its implementation, the project supports BH in ensuring the compliance of the systems of migration and asylum with EU and international standards and good practices, as well as alignment with the EU acquis, within the context of EU accession process.

The activities of the project are aligned to the Strategy and Action Plan 2012 - 2015, which constitutes not only a coherent national strategy that supports the system of migration and asylum policy, but is also one of the best examples of cooperation at the state level. The development of the Strategy and Action Plan 2012 - 2015 encompassed extensive consultations with all relevant governmental agencies, as well as other relevant stakeholders, and enabled the creation of documents that are thorough and precise in scope and that will assist in promoting greater policy coherence.