Seeking Care, Support, and Justice for Survivors of Conflict Related Sexual Violence in BIH

The overall objective of the project is to identify and address gaps in existing care, support, and justice systems, and create an effective, comprehensive and standardized approach to dealing with survivors of CRSV. Furthermore the project aims to gain an important insight into understanding not only the drivers of high rates of sexual violence in conflict situations, but also how sexual violence impedes the full restoration of peace in post-conflict societies.

The project has three main components:

  • Data collection, research and mapping of needs and capacities.
  • Enhancement and expansion of CRSV-sensitive service provision.
  • Stigma reduction through advocacy and sensitisation.


IOM's objective

IOM aims to:

  • Assist the BiH Governmental stakeholders to fulfil their obligations under international law through facilitating a reparations process in BiH, in order to ensure a sustainable and durable solution to the issue of CRSV in BiH.
  • Facilitate and mediate so that this comprehensive administrative reparations programme. Tailored to the BIH context, provides equal access to material, symbolic, collective and individual benefits for all survivors of CRSV, based on their rights as victims of a gross human rights violation and regardless of current or former place of residence.