Japan Backs Reconstruction, Disaster Preparedness Projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date Publish: 
Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Following catastrophic floods in May 2014, the Government of Japan yesterday (23/2) committed 6.2 million Bosnian Marks (USD 700,000) for two one-year projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). IOM will implement the BM 1.2 million Repair and Reconstruction of Centres for Disabled Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina project, which will repair and reconstruct five centres for children with disabilities, which were seriously damaged in the May 2014 floods. The repairs to the centres in Derventa, Orašje, Bijeljina, Srbac and Prijedor, which will start in March, will allow them to fully resume their activities and enhance their existing structures.

The municipalities will continue to support the centres after the project ends in 2016. “Supporting vulnerable groups is a central element of IOM’s work in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said IOM Sarajevo Officer-in-Charge Harry Smith. “Children with disabilities in BiH often face stigma and discrimination. There is a lot of ignorance about disability and a lack of social support for those who care for disabled children and young people. This aid from Japan will allow the centres to offer children and young people with disabilities an opportunity to maximize their potential and to participate in educational and recreational activities, whilst providing much needed respite for families,” he added. The second Japanese-funded project will address Landslide Disaster Risk Management and will be implemented by UNDP.

The May 2014 floods triggered over 3,000 landslides throughout the country, destroying nearly 2,000 homes. The BM 5 million project will help nine landslide- and flood-affected local governments in Doboj, Goražde, Maglaj, Srebrenik, Tuzla, Vogošća, Zenica, Zvornik and Žepče to remediate and stabilize landslides through specific risk-reduction investments.

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