Bosnia struggles to cope with influx of Syrian refugees (TRT World)

Date Publish: 
Monday, May 28, 2018


Streets and abandoned buildings host dozens of Syrian refugees in Bosnia and locals provide food, clothes and basic medical supplies to these them. But the facilities are temporary and limited and authorities say they don't have enough resources.

The refugees have been using a new Balkan route that runs from Greece through Albania and Montenegro to eventually reach Bosnia in hope to cross the border into Croatia, which is a European Union member and then move on to Western Europe.

Around 400 refugees arrive in Bosnia every week and continuous influx of refugees has put pressure on humanitarian relief organisations and authorities.

"If you don't address the accommodation then you create a situation where people live in bad hygienic situations. you can't do medical screenings. And we've been warning if you don't bring official accommodation, you create a mini humanitarian crisis” Peter Van Der Auweraert International Organization for Migration says.