EU Flood Recovery Programme

The overall objective of the programme is to aid the post-disaster recovery of flood-affected localities in BiH by addressing critical gaps identified through the Recovery Needs Assessment (RNA), undertaken in the immediate aftermath by the authorities of BiH with the support of the European Union, the United Nations and the World Bank. The specific objectives of the overall programme are:

  • To rehabilitate 4,000 dwellings for socially and economically vulnerable households;
  • To restore critical local services and infrastructure in no fewer than 50 flood-affected localities, with school prioritized for rehabilitation before September 1, 2014;
  • To provide livelihoods support for 700 agricultural procedures and 20 enterprises in flood-affected areas;

IOM's Objective

The objective of IOM's component of the project is to support the reconstruction of selected flood-affected dwellings, focusing on those households that have been displaced and are accommodate in temporary accommodation facilities (including schools, gyms, tent settlements, community centres, military barracks and other public buildings). The project will allow for the liberation of public buildings, and allow flood-affected families to move out of these temporary accommodation and return to a sense of normalcy. In this respect, the overall objectives of IOM's component are:

  • To rehabilitate 474 dwellings for socially and economically vulnerable households that are accommodate in temporary accommodation facilities;
  • To enable 474 households  to return to their dwelling and normalcy;
  • To allow temporary accommodation facilities to return to their original use;