CVN 01-01-20 National Expert on Migration Statistics and Data Processes (1 position)





Position Title: National Expert on Migration Statistics and Data Processes (1 position)

Duty Station: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Classification: Consultancy

Type of Appointment: 20 days over 3 months (with possibility of extension)

Reference Code: CVN 01-01-20



Under Phase 1 (2016-2019) of the EU-funded IPA II Regional Program “Regional Support to Protection Sensitive Migration Management in the Western Balkans and Turkey”, IOM supported the migration management authorities in the Western Balkans in developing capacities and systems for effective systematization, collection and regional exchange of non-personal migration statistics. In light of this, IOM developed the Regional Platform for Migration Data Exchange in the Western Balkans (WB-MIDEX) as an online mechanism which allows migration management authorities in the Western Balkans to exchange migration statistics through pre-defined templates which are in line with the EU migration statistics standards and methodologies, in particular EC Regulation 862/2007. The statistics exchanged through the platform relate to both regular and irregular migration and will be published publicly, allowing for comprehensive analysis of migration trends. WB-MIDEX was completed in August 2019, and is hosted by MARRI RC (

Under Phase 2 of the Regional IPA II Project (2019-2021), IOM continues to support migration management authorities of the Western Balkans in aligning their migration data frameworks, procedures and practices with EC Regulation 862/2007, and in furthering harmonization of migration statistics within the region, thus enabling a facilitated and streamlined exchange of relevant migration statistics through WB-MIDEX.

Taking into consideration the different data practices and levels of alignment with the EU methodologies and standards on migration statistics, in 2020 IOM will develop a National Road Map on Migration Statistics for each of the six beneficiary administrations. The National Road Maps will follow a common guiding template, and include information on available migration data, migration statistics stakeholders, statistics reporting and exchange practices, legislative and operational gaps, solutions for the identified gaps, and a timeline of activities to be undertaken in each national context.

In order to develop the National Road Maps, IOM is seeking to engage national consultants who will develop this product, through desk research, participatory stakeholder workshops and bi-lateral meetings with the relevant migration data authorities.


General functions

Under the overall supervision of the Regional Project Manager and the direct supervision of the Migration and Asylum Data Expert, the National Expert on Migration Statistics and Data Processes is responsible for the execution of tasks related to the development of a National Road Map for Migration Statistics, under the auspices of the EU-Funded IPA II Project “Regional Support to Protection Sensitive Migration Management in the Western Balkans and Turkey”. In particular, the Consultant is expected to fulfill the following functions:

Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  1. Draft the National Road Map for Migration Statistics following the guiding template and adapting it to the relevant national context, in consultation with the relevant migration statistics authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  2. Co-moderate and lead at least two national Migration Statistics Stakeholder Workshops providing relevant expertise on migration statistics and on streamlining data reporting processes,
  3. Identify key operational, legislative and procedural gaps of the national migration management system, with a particular focus on the statistical methodologies used, and inter/intra- institutional migration data reporting and exchange,
  4. Propose appropriate, feasible and sustainable solutions that address each of the gaps identified,
  5. Map the level of alignment with Regulation 862/2007 in the context of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  6. Develop a timeline which prioritizes the identified gaps and solutions, thus laying out a plan towards full alignment with Regulation 862/2007,
  7. Hold additional bilateral meetings with specific migration data stakeholders if necessary, for the drafting and finalization of the National Road Map,
  8. Incorporate inputs, comments and suggestions made by the national migration data stakeholders into the National Road Map,
  9. Organize and support the delivery of project events, such as meetings, workshops and trainings, 
  10. Communicate and coordinate with all relevant stakeholders, 
  11. Provide inputs in the development of project documents,
  12. All other tasks which may arise during the implementation of the project component.

Qualifications and Experience

  1. University degree in statistics, data management, migration studies, political or social science,
  2. At least 5 years of relevant work experience in migration statistics collection, analysis and systematization,
  3. Proven experience in developing internal processes and procedures for exchange and reporting of non-personal data,
  4. Strong knowledge of the national migration statistics system of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  5. Experience in providing technical support in EU accession related projects, particularly linked to migration statistics,
  6. Ability to draft clearly and concisely,
  7. Excellent level of computer literacy,
  8. Excellent communication and negotiation skills,
  9. Personal commitment, efficiency, flexibility, drive for results, respect for diversity, creative thinking.


  1. Excellent management and coordination skills, ability to work under pressure, manage high workload and meet tight deadlines,
  2. Diligent, reliable and focused way of operating with close attention to detail,
  3. Independent and pro-active attitude, strong sense of ownership for assigned areas of responsibility,
  4. Initiative and high levels of performance management,
  5. Work planning, ability to identify risks early on, goal setting,
  6. Collegial team spirit,
  7. Ability to work with internal and external stakeholders to meet resource needs of IOM.


  1. Advanced analytical skills and commitment to detail,
  2. Ability to take initiative, identify gaps and propose solutions,
  3. Ability to work as part of a team as well as on own initiative,
  4. Cultural sensitivity and ability to work effectively and harmoniously with colleagues from varied cultures and professional backgrounds,
  5. Excellent communication skills,
  6. Writing and editing skills,
  7. MS Office skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).


Languages Required

Excellent knowledge of English, and at least one of three official languages in use in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Note for the Applicants

The envisaged period of engagement is 20 work days over a period of 3 months, in the period between February – October 2020.



Interested candidates are invited to send CV, Motivation Letter and Personal History Form (P11) with the reference code of the position CVN 01-01-20. The applications should be sent by 31 January 2020 to


Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

Posting period

From 10 to 31 January 2020


Closing Date: 
Friday, January 31, 2020