CALL FOR PROPOSAL - Implementation of the Public Awareness Raising Campaigns


Service:                           Implementation of the Public Awareness Raising Campaigns
Application Deadline:    21 December 2018
Duty Station:                   Una-Sana Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Duration:                         15 January - 15 March 2019
There have been over 12,000 detected refugee and migrant arrivals to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in 2018 to October 2018, compared to a total of 755 in the whole of 2017. The majority arrive irregularly over land from Serbia or Montenegro, with the aim of transiting through the country towards the European Union (EU), via Croatia, onwards to Italy, or Slovenia and Austria. The migration flows are mixed, including vulnerable migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. The majority of migrants are residing in Una-Sana Canton, near the Croatian border, where an estimated 3,500 migrants and refugees are currently residing, and a smaller number are in Sarajevo and its vicinity.
Thus far, host communities in Una-Sana Canton have largely responded with openness and generosity to the increase of migrants and refugees’ arrival. Local civil society organizations and informal groups of volunteers, together with international and local volunteers, have mobilized resources to provide and distribute clothes, food, blankets, and other necessities. Nonetheless, there is clear evidence of growing tensions in local communities. There have been a number of incidents of verbal assault and threats directed towards staff of either IOM or the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs, as well as instances of hostile and xenophobic rhetoric, occasionally rising to violence, directed towards the migrant population.
In response, IOM is working closely with local-level government and service providers to improve the quality of service delivery and accessibility, and to address community concerns and frustrations regarding the challenges that have arisen through the migration situation. These efforts will contribute to restoring the legitimacy of governments in the eyes of their communities. Alongside IOM’s migrant response, the project intends to lend support and assistance to communities hosting migrants and refugees, in order to ensure that they can adequately provide for the basic needs and rights of migrants, while at the same time countering the narrative that this is being done to the detriment of public services for the local population.
IOM is inviting media production/communication companies in the country to submit offers for implementation of public awareness raising campaigns for social cohesion initiatives and other community actions in the vicinity of the migrant reception centres and communities in Una-Sana Canton hosting refugees and migrants, and/or aimed at informing the general population about the current migration situation and the response of the state and local level authorities, as well as the UN/International and local organizations.
Scope of service
The service provider (hereinafter the Contractor) must be a media production company or communication company registered in the country. Under the direct supervision of the Project Coordinator, the Contractor will be responsible for implementing public awareness raising campaigns in support of, or for, the City of Bihac and Cazin Municipality.
Within the scope of the consultancy, the Contractor is expected to deliver the following:
  • In partnership with local authorities, design and deliver of an information campaign package, specifically tailored to raise awareness and promote activities related to the response of the migration situation in Una Sana Canton, including support to the local community. The campaign/s shall:
-   Aim to raise awareness of one or several of the pre-identified sources of tension regarding the presence of migrants: a) security concerns; b) waste management; c) degradation of public spaces, and d) insufficient migrant reception capacity.
-   Be targeted to the local population in key areas affected by the migrant situation, including the City of Bihac, as well as various locations in Una-Sana canton (border crossings, rural border areas where migrants are passing or spending time, the surrounding area of migrants’ centers, bus stations, train stations, Western Union locations etc. 
-   Use different communication, including but not limited to digital and social media.
  • Prepare and submit weekly progress reports from the launch of the campaign.
  • Within two weeks after the conclusion of the campaign, submit a brief final report presenting the total reach and engagement of the campaign.
Expected results of the assignment:                              
As a result of the Consultancy, a final evaluation report will be provided to IOM with evidence of the degree of the campaign impact.
While the result of the campaigns will be defined in coordination with the City of Bihac and the Municipality of Cazin, pre-defined targets of the campaigns is the following:
  • 45% of surveyed local residents report they have access to facts about the migration situation and the response (survey to be conducted by independent surveying company)
  • At least 20,000 persons reached by campaign.
The Contractor is expected to:
  • Deliver on set objectives within strict deadlines;
  • effectively coordinate actions and/or works effectively with stakeholders, beneficiaries, and the broader community to advance activity implementation.
Experience and expertise
  • Media production / communication company with previous experience in implementing social campaigns, preferably for an international organization, public authority, or NGO.
  • Proven expertise in design and delivery of social media campaigns, online advertisement, targeting, monitoring and evaluation using Google AdWords, Google analytics etc.
  • Proven expertise and experience in strategic communication for public authority or NGO.
How to Apply
Interested companies are invited to submit a CV of core staff working on the project and up-to three samples of previously implemented online campaigns, as well as a campaign action plan and budget up-to 38,000 BAM to
Deadline for submission of the applications is 21.12.2018.
Duty Station: 
Una-Sana Canton
Closing Date: 
Friday, December 21, 2018